How to boost sale on your Shopify Shop [part 1] – 101 series

If you’re really serious about boosting sales on Shopify, the best way to do so is to write excellent product descriptions. I’m not talking about good product descriptions, I’m not talking about copying and pasting from the manufacturer or using the exact same text that everybody else is using. I’m talking about excellent product descriptions and this means that you have to take the time, effort and energy to get into the minds of your target buyers.

You have to get intimate with them. What are they looking for? Well, here’s a spoiler, They’re not looking for a rocking chair, baby shoes or a book, they’re looking for something else. They’re looking for something that hits close to home, they’re looking for something that resonates with them on a deep personal level.

In other words, they’re looking for needs, or benefits that address their personal needs. That’s how deep you should go and unfortunately, the vast majority of people who set up Shopify stores are clueless about this and that’s why they can’t get any sales.

After understanding why your customers look for products, a good way to attract them when they enter your shop, of course is your product pictures. If you have any promotion, discount… or any benefits given to your customers, show them right away so they spend more time to with your store. The longer they stay, the higher chance they buy from your shop.

If you consider about changing your product’s image and price at the same time in batch, you can start with Sale Sticker from Rouker, a good way to save your time with just a few clicks.

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