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Welcome all Sale Sticker fellows. In this quick guide, please use links below to jump directly to the contents you need. If you have other question(s) that are not listed here, feel free to send us your concern, we will try to response as soon as possible.

Sale Sticker FAQ

  • Campaign in Sale Sticker?
    • Two types of campaign
    • How to set up new campaign?
    • How to edit campaign?
    • What is duplicating campaign?
    • How to delete campaign?
  • Explain Product in a campaign
    • How to add new product(s) to campaign?
    • What is product’s action?
    • States of product
  • Troubleshooting
    • Why I can’t delete campaign?
    • Why I can’t add new product to campaign?
    • Why I choose another sticker but product image still have the old one?

Campaign in Sale Sticker?

Two types of campaign

A campaign defined by Sale Sticker application is a collection of products set with a specific sticker and/or discounted price. There are two types of campaign created by Sale Sticker: ready-to-launch campaign and scheduled campaign.

When you add a new campaign, you have to choose one of those two types. What’s the difference between these two types of campaign? While every product in ready-to-launch campaign will take effect immediately after you create, products in scheduled mode will only take affect at set-up time.

How to set up new campaign?

Add new campaign at main screen

In main screen, click on “New campaign” button at the top right corner to add new campaign.

New campaign settings

New campaign screen will show up, where you can set up how your campaign will run.

  • Name of your campaign: it’s not mandatory but please state it clear so you will know what’s your campaign aim for.
  • Type of campaign: either you want all products to take effect immediately (ready-to-launch) or at certain time you choose (scheduled)
  • Sticker: choose sticker that will show on product images. There are two options for you: using built-in sticker gallery or load from local hard-drive. After choosing sticker, you can adjust its position, size, etc…
  • Discount: set up discount for product price by certain percentage or fixed amount.

Note: You have to choose at least a sticker or discount option to make campaign available.

Options to adjust sticker

After you decide which sticker to apply, there are 4 options available to adjust its appearance.

  • Position: where do you want your sticker to show up? Top, bottom or middle of product image?
  • Align: set sticker alignment; the app gives you three options: left/right/middle. With position and align, you can set the location of sticker on product image.
  • Size: the unit using here is percentage of product image, if you set it to 10%, sticker’s size will be 10% of product image.
  • Margin: the distance between sticker and the edge of product image (unit is percentage of product image).

Just choose appropriate options and you are ready to go. By default, the value of position and alignment is TOP LEFT, size of sticker is original size and margin set to 0%.

Click “Save” button and your campaign is ready.

How to edit campaign

You may change your mind (like you want to choose another sticker, set different discount value, etc) after you setting up a campaign; just click on “Edit” button at the top left corner in product management screen

You will be redirected back to campaign settings, where you can change options for your sticker and price discount. There are two things that you need to take into account here:

  • You cannot change campaign type; it will follow the initial value when you create new campaign, so please be careful when you choose type of campaign.
  • New settings will apply to products you add afterward; all products added prior to the changes will stay the same (i.e old sticker and/or discount value).

Click “Save” to keep your changes.

What is duplicating campaign?

(Update soon)

Everything you need to know about Product in a campaign

How to add new product(s) to campaign?

In order to add new product(s) to campaign, click “Add product” button at the top right corner of product management screen.

A pop up listing all products will show up. There are three types of product here:

  • Product(s) active in another campaign: you cannot add them to current campaign.
  • Product(s) already added to campaign: you can restore or remove them from current campaign, but cannot add them again to campaign.
  • Product(s) not belong to any of above categories can be added to current campaign.

Sale Sticker supports preview on products so you can see your product with campaign’s settings (i.e sticker and/or discount price) on chosen product. Click on “Add to campaign” button to add chosen products.

What is product’s action?

Sale Sticker support three actions for product, including:

  • Add to campaign: you use this action to add product(s) to campaign. Product(s) will be proceeded with chosen sticker and/or discount price. When a product is proceeded successfully, the count of your product quota will increase by 1. Once product(s) added into one campaign, it won’t be available to add into other campaigns.
  • Restore: added product(s) in current campaign will be restored to its original state before it’s added. Restored products can now add to another campaign. It’s good practice to restore product before you add it to another campaign, this will make sure product is in “clean” state to take effect from other campaign.
  • Remove: you can also remove product from current campaign without changing current campaign’s effect on it. Removed product(s) can be added to another campaign, but take note that current effects are still on it.

States of product

Product information i.e its image and price will be proceeded directly. In order to make it easier for you to keep track of the process, there is a label below name of product. There are three states of products, including:

  • PENDING_UPDATE: product is queuing and ready to proceed
  • UPDATED: product is proceeded successfully
  • READY_RESTORE: this state appears when you try to restore product to its original state. When you see this label, product is restored successfully.


Why I can’t delete a campaign?

Sometimes, when you choose to delete a campaign, the screen stays the same, and nothing happens. The reason why you can’t delete a campaign is because there are still products not being restored in your campaign. In order to delete campaign, please make sure to restore all products within, this also helps to release these products, so they can be added into other campaigns.

Why I can’t add new product to campaign?

There are some reasons to explain this issue, including:

  • Your subscription has reach limit: the package you subscribe has limit number of proceeded products and active campaigns; when you reach the maximum number of products (to be proceeded), you won’t be able to add new products to campaign. Please consider upgrading to higher subscription package so you can continue your work.
  • Product(s) you are trying to add may belong to another campaign. If that campaign is still active and you need to add these products to current campaign, please restore or remove these products from another campaign before retry.

Why I choose another sticker but product image still have the old one?

If you edit settings of campaign, in this case, choose another sticker, please keep in mind that new settings will apply to products you add onward. Therefore, if you want to apply new sticker for all products in campaign (including those added before), please restore previous products then re-add them to make new effect working.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via live support during working hours (8:30 AM – 5:30 PM GMT+7) or send us an email ([email protected]) in case there is no available supporter, we will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Thank you for using Sale Sticker, we’ll try our best to make it better everyday.

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  1. Hi – why are there 2 sales buttons showing up on my site? also, why is the background image black? i have transparent product images on my site. you’ll notice this with the other collections. the background changed color when i activated your app. why? thanks for your help.

    1. Hi, thanks for drop by. For the first question, my guess is you added 1 sticker for product, then you may remove it without restoring it to original state (that’s why sticker will stick to that product image). After that, you may add that product again, with another sticker, so there will be 2 stickers on your product image. Just my guess though, so could you please give me the link to your store and we’re more than happy to assist you. Thanks again for your feedback, Mr. Steve

    1. Hi, you cannot delete sticker; rather you have two options: (1) to restore the product (this will help clearing your sticker on product image) or (2) to remove the product (this release product from campaign and only use for error products because this action will remove the product from campaign without restoring any image to its original state). If you want to remove sticker from product image, I recommend you to choose that product and choose restore. Hope it help 🙂

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