About Rouker

Everyone can sell – yes, we are living in an era where everyone can make their ideas become reality with the help from technology. Many blooming platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, etc… have supported people to become merchants with just a few simple steps. That’s why we have witnessed a shaking number of sellers these days.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone can be successful with their online business. Why? One of many reasons is to lack of effective and powerful (yet simple) marketing tools to help them reach and satisfy more customers and encourage buyers to buy more from you.

Rouker has been working in marketing industry for years; starting as a small company specialized in providing outsourcing services for marketing giants, we commit to give values continuously for our customers/partners and help them archive what they desire.

With all those precious experiences, we understand clearly what our customers and partners truly want when they run their online business. Nowadays, Rouker has moved to a next stage, where we build powerful applications for popular platforms i.e Shopify, Woocommerce… to make merchant’s lives a lot easier.

With a team of skilled developers, we got your back. Come to us and choose the right weapons to help you advance on your online journey:

  • Crawler tools: what the points of running your business in the dark? with our crawler tools, you can have clear insights about the market, your opponents, etc. A good start to invest on your business.
  • Add-on for e-commerce sites: we offer add-on/plugins for popular e-commerce platforms to boost your stores. If you are still struggling to find a good way to improve your business, don’t forget to try some add-ons from Rouker.

We are an open-minded organization, which means your ideas are very precious to us. Please keep in touch so we can share our thought, understanding and being success together. Thank you.